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The horror game "Alan Wake" will host a television series, check it out

Posted By: EazyDev

The horror game Alan Wake will win a TV series . The information came according to Variety magazine's website . As revealed, the producer responsible for the production will be Sam Lake , the creator of the game. In addition, the series will feature Peter Calloway as screenwriter and showrunner. The production will be made by Contradiction Films (responsible for the adaptations of Dead Rising and Mortal Kombat).

"Alan Wake was a very linear experience. It's the best story I've ever seen in video games. I've played it whole fifty times. We plan to work closely with Sam [Lake] on this show. Sam is a big part of it, the baby is his . " commented Tomas Harlan of Contradiction Films.

Alan Wake was first released on  Xbox 360  in 2010 and came to  PC  in 2012. The game tells the story of Alan Wake, a bestselling writer who had his wife missing while on a family vacation. The writer was struggling to create new stories and after the disappearance of his wife, finds a book written by him, but he does not remember writing. From then on, some dark events (which curiously are in the book) begin to occur and lead Alan to the brink of insanity in the search for his missing wife.

As for the TV series, for now there is no preview of debut or confirmed actors.