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Rainbow Six's Operation Grim Sky: Siege arrives on September 4

Posted By: Echii Chan

Rainbow Six: Siege will receive next Tuesday (4) the new expansion Operation Grim Sky . According to Ubisoft , the new expansion will bring two new agents: Maverick and Clash.

The Maverick attacker has a homemade torch capable of making openings on metal surfaces. In the field it is quite versatile, being able to create strategic openings in walls. Finally, defender Clash has an extensible bulletproof shield that has the ability to discharge high-voltage shocks to enemies.

In addition, the Hereford Base map gained a renewed, with the intention of promoting a more attractive scenario in the competitive of the game.

Operation Grim Sky will be available on Rainbow Six: Siege next Tuesday, September 4, for PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and PC .