Heavy Metal Machines is available on Steam and wins new character

Posted By: EazyDev

Heavy Metal Machines was officially released on Steam on Wednesday (19). Hoplon's car battle MOBAcan now be downloaded for free on the platform.

The game mixes online multiplayer fighting with unique gameplay, plus a post-apocalyptic setting. In addition, the game arrives with a renewed look and many new features, plus a system of progression levels Metal Pass and the character Icebringer.

According to Hoplon, the 14th character of the game, Icebringer, is of the class Carrier , it has the function of transporting the bomb of the game to the enemy base. Icebringer owns a truck full of weapons capable of temporarily freezing his opponents.

Finally, the game will feature the season-based progression system, Metal Pass, which starts with " Road to Malmheim ". Players start at level 1 and can progress to level 50 of the game in two possible ways, Free and Premium. However, the Premium mode is paid, however, it will offer much more valuable rewards to the players in the weekly missions.

However, regardless of the type of progression that players choose, the game will give lores, characters, skins, sprays, effects, avatar edges, fame and artwork. In Premium mode, players will earn cash rewards.