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AC Odyssey: Season Pass details / post-release content.

Posted By: EazyDev

AC Odyssey  will be released only in October and Ubisoft has already released details about its  Season Pass  and post-release content . According to the company the Pass will have two new and large expansions. First the expansion  of Legacy of the First Blade  and later to  The Fate of Atlantis .

As informed, each expansion will have its peculiarity. The  Legacy of the First Blade  will bring an adventure where the player will join the first warrior to use a hidden blade, which centuries later would be inherited by  Bayek . The  The Fate of Atlantis  will bring the opportunity for players to explore the ruins of the lost city. However, it will be necessary to face some mythological figures along the way.

Each expansion will be divided into 3 episodes. Ubisoft has revealed that it will release the episodes every six weeks. In addition, the company also confirmed the launch of missions and additional free content, known as  The Lost Tales of Greece . This additional content will bring well-known and unreleased figures to the game.